Announcing the Executive Board 2022 Meeting!

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November 1, 2021


Dear Missionaries, CME Members and Friends,  

The Women's Missionary Council’s Executive Board Meeting for 2022 will be held February 23-25, 2022. This will be a virtual meeting facilitated by Zoom and hosted by Bishop Sylvester Williams, Sr. and Mrs. Carmen Williams, and the members of the Third Episcopal District (3D).

Join the Women's Missionary Council as we celebrate 103 years of Ministry in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church! We are excited about our second virtual Executive Board Meeting. The Missionaries will share their stewardship reports of their Outstanding work that is underway in our Connectional Churches! Indeed we are staying connected during this COVID-19 pandemic! Missionaries are continuing to be successful as we "Embrace a New Era of Innovation for Greater Service"!  

Online registration for the Executive Board Meeting for 2022 is available at the Women's Missionary Council web site at <>. You may also download a registration form at the web site. 

Additional information about the Executive Board Meeting for 2022 will be forthcoming and sent to our connectional members via email, and posted at the Women's Missionary Council web site <>, the official CME Church web site, and our CME Church social media outlets.

We look forward to your participation at this virtual meeting. Please pray for the success of the Executive Board Meeting for 2022 and the Women’s Missionary Council as we continue to serve Jesus Christ and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in this present age.



In the Service of the Lord, 


Dr. Jacqueline I. Scott, International President     

Patron Bishop James B. Walker 

Women's Missionary Council 

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church